How to find UUID on Windows Machine

Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is used to identify a computer machine. MAC address also can be used to identify a machine, but […]

Linux Command – touch

We can use touch command to create files on a Linux system. There are certain options available with this command […]

Linux Command – uname

uname command is useful to get information about the name of the operating system, version, and release of the kernel, […]

Linux Command – ls

ls – lists the information of the files in the current working directory or any other directory if specified. Probably […]

Linux Command – clear

clear is a standard Unix command which is used to clear the screen. There are very few commands in Linux […]

Linux Command – exit

exit is a command used to close the session as well to terminate a shell or program. Here I have […]

Linux Command – cd

cd –  change directory The cd command is used to change the directories or to navigate to any desired directory. To navigate […]

Linux Command – cat

cat  is a utility command used to read files sequentially and write to standard output. cat is the short form […]

Linux Command – mkdir

The mkdir command is used to create new directories. To create single and multiple directories We will create single directory first-dir at […]